Photo Essay: A New England Autumn / by Heather

In some ways, Shanghai feels like a foggy dream. The flowing crowds of people, the pungent smells, the construction noises, the overall cacophony filters through a smoky haze in my mind. There are many good memories, but they even are hard to hearken back to when I find myself presently surrounded by Boston's rich character and the glorious fall colours of a New England autumn.  


Something strange happened when I moved to Boston...everything immediately fell in place. Just like that, jobs, relationships, housing, just clicked in less than a month and suddenly I was in a place I could actually call home. This is a bizarre feeling for a nomadic soul, and yet tingly and amazing all at the same time. Boston and its surrounding towns are beautiful and full of life and the people (contrary to popular belief) I have found to be nothing but incredibly friendly, warm-hearted, and helpful. So there is little else for me to do but skip down streets, kicking leaves and basking in the gorgeous season around me.


I fulfilled a very New England tradition by going apple-picking at a nearby farm and even my bunny, Bocce got to join in the fall festivities.


Another highlight of the season was visiting the seaside town of Gloucester, just a little north of the city. Famous for its fishing industry, a local art colony, and some beautiful lighthouses, Gloucester seems to pop right out of a postcard.


Standing on Gloucester's breakwater, I was lucky enough to see the faint silhouette of the city of Boston rising out of the ocean, an enchanting view of my new home. I can hardly wait for what each impending season will bring.