About Heather


I am a photographer, a sculptural artist, and a dancer. I love creating, whether through visual images, material I can grasp and mold, or intangible motion. Travel is what puts visions in my head and I have no greater goal than seeing the world and funneling it into my own creations. I believe in living a life that seeks to encompass a wide breadth and understanding of the human experience. 


The Quixotic Road for me is a way of life paved with travel, creativity, and discovery, and so these topics will be most prevalent here. I really strive to break away from daily routines that stay the same for years, material desires that never quite seem to be satisfied, and the feeling that I could be doing something better with my time.  For me, a richly fulfilled life is tied to place. My heart feeds off new environments, natural and designed beauty, and exploration, which is why I consider travel an essential part of my life and education.

I’ve traveled all my life, first as a child with my mother, driving across the United States numerous times, and then as a young adult, living, studying, and adventuring abroad, and allowing an aching wanderlust to permanently set in and guide my life choices.  

I would be happy to visit literally anywhere in the world…I believe that every place has value for travelers, every stop has the potential for a new experience and a new lesson. There is worth in both big and small travel…exploring the far reaches of the earth or that place close to home that for whatever reason, you haven’t been to yet. Thanks to a compulsive desire to try everything for myself, I can’t imagine myself living on this earth and not wanting to explore and understand humanity’s home as much as possible.


Current Location: New England

My husband David and I currently reside in Connecticut with our dog Kipling, bunny Baklava, and birds Beaker and Dr. Bunsen.


Places I've Lived:

Bloomfield, CT

Boston, MA

Shanghai, China


Bellingham, WA

Phoenix, AZ

Edinburgh, Scotland

Los Angeles, CA (born and raised)


Where I've Been

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The Quixotic Road is a path chosen for life that is focused on happiness, self-expression, and learning how to be a meaningful part of this earth. It is a road for less ordinary people who have discovered their own passion for disregarding a set of social and cultural guidelines that dictates how every step of their lives must be taken. There is no single way to follow this road and it can be inspiring to discover how others have traveled along it.

 Some people think this road is romantic and impractical…that people who follow it are ‘running away’ or chasing impossible visions. But in my brief life experience, I have been astounded by how many creative people have found extraordinary ways to make an unconventional life thrive, with the only impossibilities being the limits of their abilities 

Here at Quixotic Road, I hope to present my own thoughts and discussion about what can make a life unconventional, the world joyously fascinating to explore, and people a treasure to meet. It is a way for me to nurture my personal journey as I work to make this path the continuing direction of my life, as well as connect to the many others who have already done so, and the many more who wish to.  


Thank you for joining me.